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Feed Your Roses
Roses are heavy feeders and need a constant supply of the right nutrients to survive.

Feeding your Roses with Plant Food is a quick and easy way to provide the necessary nutrients they need. Plant Food is made up of three primary nutrients as well as secondary nutrients and trace minerals.
  • Nitrogen is a major element in plant nutrition, promoting rapid growth, leaf formation, and green color.
  • Phosphorus is essential for a strong root system, brighter and more beautiful flowers, as well as overall health.
  • Potassium is a catalyst for many plant functions. It helps build stem strength, increases disease resistance, aids in photosynthesis, and increases root growth. It also provides starches and oils, helps reduce water loss / wilting, and is necessary for plant protein formation.
  • Micronutrients and Trace Minerals also promote plant cell and root growth. Micronutrients include Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur. Trace Minerals include Boron, Chlorine, Copper, and Iron.
The necessary nutrients can be delivered through a fast-acting water soluble or slow-release granular formula. Both formulations result in effective and efficient nutrient distribution for optimal growth.
Granular Plant Food is specially formulated to deliver all the important ingredients in several ways. The granulars provide quickly available nutrients for initial feeding and slow-release nitrogen for up to 3 months. The plant food is placed in the soil and carried through the roots.
Water Soluble Plant Food is a fast acting solution that is dissolved and distributed every time you water. As you water, the necessary nutrients are reaching the plants through the roots and leaves.
Granular Plant Food:
  • For New Roses planted in the spring, feed at time of planting. Work into the top 6” of soil and repeat every 12 weeks.
  • For Established Roses, sprinkle 8” – 10” from base and gently work into the top ¼ inch of soil. (Be sure to avoid damaging the roots) 
Water Soluble Plant Food
  • For New Roses, feed and water after planting. Continue to use every time you water. If you only water once or twice a month, double your recommended amount. 
  • For Established Roses, begin feeding as soon as new foliage has appeared. 
  • Your Roses need nutrients on a consistent basis 
  • Stop feeding 4-6 weeks prior to frost to stop new growth from being damaged 
  • Be sure to use the recommended amount on packaging