Schultz Products

We are proud to have a variety of rich, productive soil mixtures developed with moisture crystals and slow-release plant food. With our years of experience, you can trust that our soil will bring success to your gardening endeavors.


By incorporating mulch into your lawn and garden, you are adding value and strength to your landscape, soil and plants. Our wide variety of styles and colors allow you to choose the best option for any lawn and garden improvement.

Plant Food

Nitrogen, phosphate and potash, along with other macronutrients, are the ingredients your plants crave. With our wide array of specially engineered plant foods, we are confident that finding the right one for you will be a quick and easy process.

Lawn Fertilizer

We understand how important it is to give your lawn the specific nutrients it needs at the right time. Our time-tested blends are processed using an advanced technology that delivers nutrients effectively and efficiently for 4 months.