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Fall Flower Bulbs

When to Plant: 
Plant your flower bulbs when the ground cools down sufficiently (evening temperatures between 40° to 50° F) or after the first frost of the season. However, make sure your bulbs are in the ground six weeks before the ground freezes. Note: If you live in the lower South where the ground doesn’t freeze, November would be a good time to start planting your bulbs. Tip: Try and plant your bulbs as soon as you get them. If you can’t plant the bulbs right away, store them in a cool dry place. 

Where to Plant: 
You can plant flower bulbs virtually anywhere as long as the soil has good drainage and there is ample sunlight. 

How to Prepare Soil: 
For Established Garden Beds: Till the soil until it loosens and is easy to work with. For New Garden Beds: Amend your soil with organic matter such as Compost and Peat Moss. For tips on amending your soil properly, check out our article: Evaluate & Improve Your Soil

How to Plant: 
Plant bulbs, with the pointed end facing up, in soil about 5”-8” deep (or three times the width of the bulb). If planting in groups, dig a square hole and keep the bulbs spaced 4”-6” apart before covering with soil. Note: If you have sandy soil, plant bulbs slightly deeper. If you have clay soil, plant bulbs slightly shallower. 

Final Steps: 
• Apply a fertilizer low in nitrogen. We suggesting using Schultz Liquid Starter Plus
• Water flower bulbs thoroughly after planting. 
• Apply a layer of mulch to keep weeds down, hold in moisture, and protect the soil from harsh winter weather.