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Schultz® Spanish Moss Decorative Soil Cover
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Schultz Spanish Moss - Decorative Soil Cover

Schultz Spanish Moss Decorative Soil Cover  

  • Excellent for lining wire hanging baskets
  • Great for artificial flower arrangements
  • Many uses for crafts and hobbies
Available Size(s):
  • 4.00 QT
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Schultz Spanish Moss is a decorative soil cover that is ideal for potted plants and for lining wire hanging baskets. It has many uses for crafts and hobbies and is also great for artificial flower arrangements. It attractively conceals Styrofoam and floral clay. Add texture and color by mixing with Schultz Green Moss.

Associated Areas

Wire Hanging Baskets, Decorative Soil Cover for Containers

How to Apply

As a Soil Cover: Add Schultz Spanish Moss to the surface of all potted plants and baskets to help retain soil moisture. It is also an excellent natural habitat in terrariums. Remove a small handful and separate the clump to expand its bulk. Arrange moss on the soil around the plant base, draping strands over the pot sides for a natural look.

As a Natural Cover for Artificial Floral Arrangements: Schultz Spanish Moss adds a natural element as it hides unsightly Styrofoam and floral clay in silk and dried floral arrangements. Add moss to the base of your floral arrangement, expanding moss as you fill and draping it over the container edge. Try adding strands within the arrangement for delicate accents.

Arts, Crafts, & Hobbies: Make ornamental bird nests. Drape Spanish Moss from the holes of decorative bird houses. Use as a wire foundation cover for wreaths. Create realistic-looking model train landscapes. Drape individual strands from trees for a New Orleans look, or use small clumps to add shrub-like elements.

As a Hanging Basket:

1. Line the wire basket frame as described below: Method 1. Soak Schultz Spanish Moss for 5 to 10 minutes until it is completely wet, then form a soil retainer by lining the basket with the moss. Press it firmly against the basket frame to a thickness of one inch. Extend the moss about one inch above the top of the basket and fold over to cover the rim. Method 2. Place a pre-made basket liner into the wire basket.

2. Fill the lined basket with premium potting soil to one or two inches below the basket’s rim. Press soil firmly into place.

3. Place the plants in the soil several inches apart. Fill in with soil, making sure to cover the root balls. Pat soil down gently. To create a cascading effect with color and texture, drape Schultz Spanish Moss from the basket. Use as much or as little Schultz Spanish Moss necessary to create the desired effect.

4. Water your basket thoroughly when planting is complete, making sure it is well soaked. Hang the basket in an outdoor location that is best suited for your plants. If you are not sure of each plant’s lighting requirements, select a bright, partially shaded location.

When to Apply

Apply prior to potting or repotting container plants or wire hanging baskets.

Where to Apply

Spanish Moss should be used for both indoor and outdoor container plants and hanging baskets. Not for in-ground gardens. Can also be used for crafts.

This is not the product label. Always read the product label before use.

Coverage Area

For Pots:

4" = 3 Cups, 8" = 3 Dry qt., 12" = 8 Dry qt., 16" = 20 Dry qt., 18"" = 28 Dry qt., 20" = 50 Dry qt.

For Bowls:

12" = 8 Dry qt., 18" = 20 Dry qt.

For Hanging Baskets:

12" = 6 Dry qt., 16" = 10 Dry qt.

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