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Schultz® Seed Starter Plus Potting & Planting Mix
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Schultz Seed Starter Plus Potting & Planting Mix

Schultz Seed Starter Plus Potting & Planting Mix  0.07-0.05-0.04

  • A special germination mix perfect for starting vegetables, flowers and herbs
  • Enriched with extended feed plant food that feeds for up to 3 months to encourage root development
  • Holds moisture to prevent new roots from drying out
Available Size(s):
  • 8.00 QT
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Special needs require special formulas! Schultz Seed Starter Plus is a lightweight mix that promotes seedling growth. It is great for starting all vegetables, flowers, herbs and cuttings. It is specially formulated for excellent drainage and fast root development. It is enriched with Schultz extended feed plant food that feeds up to 3 months.

Associated Areas

Seedlings, Cuttings

How to Apply

1. Prepping the Soil. Select a container with good drainage. Keep in mind, seedling trays with individual planting cells and peat pods make transplanting easier. Using Schultz Seed Starter, fill each container 1/4" below the rim. Moisten soil and let drain. Gently tap the container sides to settle and even out the soil surface.

2. Planting the Seed. Sow seeds according to package. Water thoroughly with a spray mist bottle as the soil settles around the seed. Place container in a bright location with temperature around 70 degrees to 80 degrees F (avoid direct sunlight). Many gardeners recommend covering the container with clear plastic or glass to help retain heat and moisture.

3. Seedling Growth. When seeds sprout, remove covering and place in direct sunlight. It is important to keep soil moist, never soggy or wet. Once the first true leaves develop, lightly begin using our Schultz Plant Food.

4. Transplanting. After plants have developed their first two to three true leaves, it is time to transplant into a bigger pot or garden. We recommend using either our Schultz Potting Mix or Garden Soil. Avoid holding the plant directly by the delicate stem or roots. This may cause injury and create future disease or insect damage.

Starting New Plants from Cuttings

Follow container preparation directions above. Don't forget to moisten the soil and let drain. Then make holes in soil using a clean pencil or other pointed, clean implement. Insert a cutting stem into each hole and gently firm soil around it. Moisten soil and cover container and cuttings with clear plastic to keep cuttings hydrated until roots develop. When plants have developed several new leaves, they should be transplanted into large containers or outdoors in prepared beds.

When to Apply

Use when starting seeds or cuttings.

Where to Apply

Soil mixture should only be used in seedling trays or containers. It's important to make sure your containers are clean to keep dormant fungi and bacteria, etc., from attacking your seedlings and cuttings. Wash reused and recycled containers in warm, sudsy water and rinse thoroughly in a weak water-bleach solution.

This is not the product label. Always read the product label before use.

Coverage Area

3" of Schultz Seed Starter Plus in each planting pod

623311408210 - 8.0 QT

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