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Schultz® Green Moss Decorative Soil Cover
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Schultz Green Moss - Decorative Soil Cover

Schultz Green Moss Decorative Soil Cover  

  • A decorative and attractive soil cover that is perfect for lining wire hanging baskets
  • Has many uses for crafts and hobbies
  • Completely natural and helps retain moisture in the soil
Available Size(s):
  • 4.00 QT
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Schultz Green Moss is a decorative soil cover that has many uses for crafts and hobbies. It is excellent for lining wire hanging baskets. It is completely natural and not only serves as an appealing accent, but also helps retain moisture in the soil. Add texture and color by mixing with Schultz Spanish Moss.

Associated Areas

Wire Hanging Baskets, Decorative Soil Cover for Containers

How to Apply

Soak the moss for 5 to 10 minutes until it is completely wet. Form a soil retainer by lining the basket with the moss. Extend the moss about one inch above the top of the basket and fold over to cover the rim. Fill with soil, pressing firmly. Add plants inches apart. Water when planting is complete.

When to Apply

Apply prior to potting or repotting container plants or wire hanging baskets.

Where to Apply

Should be used for both indoor and outdoor container plants and hanging baskets. Not for in-ground gardens. Can also be used for crafts.

This is not the product label. Always read the product label before use.

Coverage Area

For Pots:

4" = 3 Cups, 8" = 3 Dry qt., 12" = 8 Dry qt., 16" = 20 Dry qt., 18"" = 28 Dry qt., 20" = 50 Dry qt.

For Bowls:

12" = 8 Dry qt., 18" = 20 Dry qt.

For Hanging Baskets:

12" = 6 Dry qt., 16" = 10 Dry qt.

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623325204432 - 4.0 QT

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