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Schultz® Premium Top Soil
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Schultz Premium Top Soil

Schultz Premium Top Soil  

  • Great for amending, filling and leveling original soil
  • Contains peat moss and other organic materials
  • Improves the original quality and structure of soil
Available Size(s):
  • 0.75 CF
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Schultz Premium Top Soil is designed to provide better results than standard top soil. It is specially formulated with peat moss and composted forest products to help improve native ground soil.

Associated Areas

Lawns, Yards, Landscapes

How to Apply

Using a hand spade or roto-tiller, work into the top 6 inches of the native soil. Level with a rake. Be sure to follow specific seed instructions for each plant. Water thoroughly after planting and continue to water daily until well established. For even better results, add Schultz Composted Manure or Schultz Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables. After one week, begin supplemental feeding using Schultz plant food.

When to Apply

Apply to ground soil anytime.

Where to Apply

Use in lawns and gardens. Use for leveling and filling holes.

This is not the product label. Always read the product label before use.

Coverage Area


3' x 3' (9 sq. FT): 2" Depth = 2 Bags, 3" Depth = 3 Bags

3' x 6' (18 sq. FT): 2" Depth = 4 Bags, 3" Depth = 6 Bags

6' x 6' (36 sq. FT): 2" Depth = 8 Bags, 3" Depth = 12 Bags

623310025070 - 0.75 CF

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