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Schultz® Premium Compost & Manure
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Schultz Premium Compost & Manure

Schultz Premium Compost & Manure

  • Perfect for conditioning and aerating soils
  • Contains a natural fertilizer along with a balanced blend of organic materials plus peat moss
  • Excellent for improving soil conditions
Available Size(s):
  • 0.75 CF
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Schultz Premium Compost & Manure is the perfect ground soil conditioner. When mixed together, the organic materials and peat moss provide excellent aeration. The natural fertilizer increases the amount of nutrients available in the soil.

Associated Areas

Vegetables, Flowers, Rose Gardens, Trees, Shrubs

How to Apply

For vegetable gardens and flower beds, add to the garden bed at 2-3 inches deep. Use a hand spade or roto tiller to work into the top 6 inches of the native soil. Level with a rake. Be sure to follow specific seed instructions for each plant. Water thoroughly and continue to water daily until well established. For even better results combine with Schultz Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables. For trees, shrubs and roses, mix 1 part with 3 parts native soil. Place in the bottom of the hole for new plants or transplanting. For indoor container plants, use 1 tsp. for every inch of pot diameter. Mix thoroughly and water. For best results, mix with Schultz Premium Potting Soil Plus or Schultz Premium Moisture Plus.

When to Apply

Apply to ground soil anytime.

Where to Apply

Should be used for both indoor and outdoor container plants along with outdoor in-ground gardens.

This is not the product label. Always read the product label before use.

Coverage Area


3' x 3' (9 sq. FT): 2" Depth = 2 Bags, 3" Depth = 3 Bags

3' x 6' (18 sq. FT): 2" Depth = 4 Bags, 3" Depth = 6 Bags

6' x 6' (36 sq. FT): 2" Depth = 8 Bags, 3" Depth = 12 Bags

623310425070 - 0.75 CF

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