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Schultz Boost Pacs Plant Food
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Schultz Boost Pacs

Schultz Boost Pacs  20-20-20

  • Easy, Clean and Safe!
  • Just Drop, Fill, & Feed!
  • Instant Feeding for Indoor & Outdoor Plants
Available Size(s):
  • 40.00 CT
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Schultz Boost Pacs are a new innovation for the lawn and garden. It is an all purpose plant food that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is for use in watering cans and are pre-measured to contain the right combination of essential nutrients that instantly feeds for bigger plants and more blooms. It is safe for all plants when used as directed. It is the quick and easy way to beautiful flowers, lush foliage and fresh homegrown plants. It provides instant feeding without the mess of traditional water soluble plant foods.

Associated Areas

African Violets, All Lawns Annuals, Azaleas, Bedding Plants, Begonias, Dieffenbachia, Flowers, Geraniums, Ground Covers, Hostas, Houseplants, Hydroponics, Impatiens, Ivy Mums, Orchids, Perennials, Philodendrons, Rhododendrons, Roses, Schefflera, Succulent

How to Apply

Easy Drop, Fill and Feed method!

Drop a boost pack in the bottom of a watering can. Make sure hands are dry before handling.

Fill with water instantly dissolving the Boost Pac. Gently swirl water while filling watering can or container.

Feed plants every 2 to 4 weeks for best results.

When to Apply

For best results, apply every 2 to 4 weeks during the growing season. Water in the morning.

Where to Apply

Can be used on both indoor and outdoor gardens and container plants.

This is not the product label. Always follow the product label before use.

Coverage Area

Outdoor: Flowers, Vegetables, Trees, Shrubs, Containers & Hanging Baskets = 1 Boost Pac per 1 gallon of water

Indoor: Houseplants = 1 Boost Pac per 2 gallon of water

6236217411080 - 40.0 CT

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