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Schutz Total - Lawn
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Schultz Plant Shine

Schultz Total - Lawn

  • Encourages root growth
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Produces stronger turf
Available Size(s):
  • 32.00 OZ
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Bring your soil back to life! Schultz Total All-In-One Soil Booster & Fertilizer infuses a soil booster with fertilizer that results in better soil and better turf.

This wonderful booster and fertilizer helps improve root structure to increase nutrients and water efficiency, increases uptake of key nutrients for superior overall turf quality, and encourages beneficial microbial activity for a stronger lawn.


How to Apply

For lawns in good condition, apply 32 oz for every 8,000 SQ FT

For lawns in poor condition, apply 32 oz for every 4,000 SQ FT

1. Shake container well before using. Connect sprayer to garden hose. Make sure the dial on the nozzle is in the “OFF” position with the green safety tab in the valve notch.

2. Turn on water at faucet. Extend hose to the farthest area to be treated and work back toward the faucet.

3. To BEGIN spraying, point nozzle toward the area to be treated and bend the green safety tab back with your thumb and using your other hand, QUICKLY turn the dial clockwise until it stops. Water will automatically mix with the product.

4. Spray evenly over desired turf area walking at a steady pace. While spraying, use an even sweeping motion, slightly overlapping treated areas. This bottle will treat up to 8,000 SQ FT. Calculate square feet by multiplying length by width.

5. To STOP spraying, QUICKLY turn the dial in the opposite direction of “ON” until it stops and the safety tab engages the notch on the valve. Turn water o at faucet. To relieve pressure before removing sprayer from hose, bend the safety tab back and turn dial “ON” until water stops spraying.

6. To STORE unused product, make sure the dial is in the “OFF” position with the green safety tab in the valve notch. Place in a cool area.

When to Apply

Spray early in the morning or late afternoon when mid-day temperatures exceed 85 degrees F to ensure optimum performance and leaf absorption.

For best results, apply every 14 days throughout the growing season.

Coverage Area

Covers up to 8,000 SQ FT

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