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Schultz® Plant Shine
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Schultz Plant Shine

Schultz Plant Shine

  • The original leaf polish
  • Contains no oil
  • Won't clog pores
  • Shines hard-faced leaves
Available Size(s):
  • 12.00 OZ
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Schultz Plant Shine is the original leaf polish. It promotes shiny, hard-faced leaves and contains no oil. It is guaranteed not to clog plant pores, and is water-based. It also allows plants to breathe. It is easy to use, with a simple spray application.

Associated Areas

Hard-Faced Leaves (Philodendrons, Scheffleras, Dieffenbachias)

Not for very thin, velvety or hairy leaves (fig trees, ferns, caladiums, African violets, succulents or leatherleaf)

Not for cut flowers, blooms or buds

How to Apply

First test on a few leaves. Remove dust and water plant thoroughly. Avoid applying over other polishes and on diseased or damaged leaves. Only spray the top of leaves. Do not spray in direct sunlight. For single plants, spray 12" away, and for many plants, spray 24" or more away.

When to Apply

Use whenever desired.

Where to Apply

Can be used only on hard-faced leaves and potted plants.

This is not the product label. Always read the product label before use.

Coverage Area

Single Plants: Spray 12" from plant

Many Plants: Spray 24" or more from plants.

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